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Crosspost from Ottawa_oneshots [Apr. 10th, 2010|09:52 pm]
Ottawa Gamers



Maschine Zeit Demo

I wish to run a demo adventure for Maschine Zeit, a new RPG system written by the excellent David A Hill Jr.    This would be an adventure for 5 people on a saturday afternoon and potentially into the evening.   Would anyone be interested in such?  If not yourself, feel free to pass this message along to any other interested parties. 

The Game:  For the sake of this adventure, everyone knows that the stations, huge floating living facilities just inside the Earth's atmosphere used to fill the skies. A few years ago, an unknown scientific phenomenon (like a solar flare) ripped through the stations, causing many of them to fall to the ground, into the ocean or off into space. Some of the stations stayed in the air but rumor has it that they are very dangerous. Strange new radiation has caused the stations to become questions of scientific curiosity,  as well as huge floating opportunities for profit. Everyone’s reason for going up there is different, but the stories are often very similar. The thousands and thousands of people who died during the Cataclysm might not be as gone as all would hope.